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As a prepaid service operator, the crux of the business lies in how advanced you are and we deliver right that - the advanced technology with utmost flexibility through our software CareTel.

Customer Care
Customer Care
A customer service representative working with your organization can easily view the account information for your subscribers. He can also manage the services for your subscribers such as the addition or removal of a feature by clicking a button.

Customer Portal
CareTel allows a customer to view detailed information of his account including payment history, billing details and other related information. In addition, a customer can also use the portal for making online payments and inclusion of service orders.

IVR Integration
Round-the-clock availability of phone services allows a customer to make his payments at any time of the day. A customer can call any time to check his balance or know the status of his plan. He is also capable of making payments via a credit card. We enable simple and seamless integration of our IVR services with the phone systems of your customers. The facility can be used for payment reminders, late notices as well as outbound service for promotion of new plans.

Modifications and History Tracking
A customer would come to know about the modifications or changes made to his account as and when he logs on to his account.
Correspondence Automation
You can automate and easily create late notices, reminders for pending dues, welcome letters, suspension letters as well as other things.

Facilitating customers with multiple service locations
CareTel enables grouping of individual customers for different locations. You can also automate the bill for price according to the location.

Contract Management
CareTel allows you to create contracts of a standard pattern. You can easily generate SLAs that include termination date, renewal terms, contract terms, records and subscription plan as well as date.