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CareTel Software - Telecom Billing Services
Your partner in Telecom Billing Realms.
As a postpaid services provider, you may be very well aware of the significance of distinctiveness and value that matters the most for your customers and potential subscribers and we, CareTel, understand this challenge to the hilt. We offer you a turn key solution to meet the demands of billing needs through our CareTel Software.
IVR Services
Our Software provides an affordable and managed way to streamline your Customer Service calls with IVR services. Our Interactive Voice Response work the burden of common, time consuming, and simple to technical calls off the shoulder of your in-house customer services team. This is not just affordable but powerful enough to let your callers pay their bills through credit card 24/7. They can do numbers of functions such as balance check, routine information on payments, about next payments and many more. Our outbound IVR helps you to set outbound calls with least of efforts and in less than 30 minutes with features such as welcome calls set-up, past due payments, reminder set ups and others.

With our Integrated IVR services you can increase ROI by enhancing overall customer satisfaction rates. Combining the IVR with your existing phone system is quick and transferring calls to the designated numbers even simpler! It also showcases updates and upgrades so that customer and agents can check their status in agent and customer specific modules.
Go Paperless
View Online and Go green. Just in case, an email of a customer bounces back for several times, a note is mailed to the account address of subscriber.