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Most customers now prefer prepaid services

The accumulation of new gadgets and technologies in the market has made telecom companies ignore the current trends affecting the mobile market. There may be many such trends; however, prepaid telecom billing is one of the most significant trends. A cost-conscious customer who does not want to depend on the service provider would always look for prepaid services. Since the service option allows a customer to make use of the best offers that are available in the market, the demand for this service continues to increase. This is the reason telecom companies now give priority to prepaid billing services. A prepaid service operator understands that a customer using prepaid services can easily switch from one provider to another. Therefore, the retention of a customer completely depends on technology.

How our billing solutions support prepaid service providers

We understand that telecom prepaid billing system is beneficial to a service provider. We realize that the service providers who want to take advantage of prepaid services need prepaid billing solutions that meet all their requirements. Our effective billing solutions allow you to obtain revenues. In addition, you need not worry about the risk of bad debts as our robust services take care of that aspect as well.

We provide you with a streamlined billing platform, CareTel that enables easy assimilation of details. We realize that billing is a complicated and time-taking procedure. Our telecom billing system is customized to the unique requirements of your company. A telecom company providing prepaid services needs to be proactive. Our billing services provide real-time access to the details of a customer. This implies that your agent knows about the subscribed services of a customer. In addition, your customer service representative also has access to the service history of the customer. An agent can easily remove or add a new service to the account of a user by pressing a button.

Another important aspect of our billing solution is customer convenience. Your customer can view his account information by entering his ID and password. Since the account of a customer is password protected, any other person cannot view the details of his account. We provide complete security to your customer. The information available on our billing interface is not available to anyone other than the customer.

Agent Care
Agents have the access to the information related to customers and the subscribed services such as account information online, new service orders, invoice details, payments, and commission reports.

Billing & Printing
Pricing by Location
Agents are assigned multiple price points for plans, products and fee structure varying according to state and residence of subscribers.

Customer Care
Customer Care
Your CSR's will find it easy to view your subscribers' account information, manage subscribers' services, including adding and removing features with a simple click of a botton.

IVR Service
Agents have the access to the information related to customers and the subscribed services such as account information online, new service orders, invoice details, payments, and commission reports.

Our software is integrated with credit card and ACH payment facility which can be made online or after logging in.

Oorders are provisioned and commissioned through CareTel or online with out interface. We have our own and independent provisioning

1 CDRs and DUF
2 Detection of Duplicate files and call

The CareTel software offers more than 150 preset reports along with an adhoc feature offering agility and better control for the output


Subscriber can only view their account information after entering a unique ID and password. Along with that, all the social security numbers and crucial information that can be sensitive is hidden within the interface and not revealed.