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CareTel - Postpaid Telecom Billing Services
Your partner in Telecom Billing Realms.
Post-paid telecom services lose their essence in the absence of accurate billing.

Any customer who uses postpaid telecom services waits for his bill toward the end of the billing cycle. Such customers expect complete accuracy and transparency in the billing procedure. As a provider of postpaid services, you definitely understand how important billing is for your customers. In addition, efficient telecom billing solutions help telecom service providers streamline their internal activities.

We realize that telecom billing solutions have emerged as an important constituent of the telecom industry. We focus on the development of billing services that facilitate the collection of revenues and contribute to the overall growth of an organization. No doubt, telecom services are in demand across various sectors of the industry. This is the reason telecom service providers look for comprehensive billing solutions that cover all the aspects of a billing cycle.

We provide reliable and flexible telecom billing services. We understand that telecom companies offer an extensive range of services to its customers. As a result, these service providers find it difficult to maintain a balance between customer care and business expansion. Since telecom billing is the most important component of postpaid telecom billing services, telecom service providers start searching for an inclusive platform that meets all their requirements associated with billing.

How our telecom postpaid billing system adds to your efficiency
We know that robust services are driven by proper planning and strategy. Our billing services start with the procurement of customer details and continue even after the upload or delivery of bills. We provide efficient telecom billing solutions to its business partners and expects them to concentrate on their services. Our postpaid billing services enable:
Agent Care
Agents have the access to the information related to customers and the subscribed services such as account information online, new service orders, invoice details, payments, and commission reports.

Billing & Printing
Pricing by Location
Agents are assigned multiple price points for plans, products and fee structure varying according to state and residence of subscribers.

CDR Integration
Supporting and facilitating customers, our software let customer see all the information related to their account such as full bill details, history, make payments and services orders online.

Equipment Inventory

Our software enables the storage of inventory and tracking the history with an ID. The customers can also set e-mail and trigger alerts for the services, payments and plans. Our

Go Paperless
View Online and Go green. Just in case, an email of a customer bounces back for several times, a note is mailed posted to the account address of subscriber.

IVR Service
Our Software provide an affordable and managed way to streamline your Customer Service calls with IVR services. Our Interactive Voice Response work the burden of common, time consuming, and simple to technical calls

Independent Local Exchange Carrier or ILEC orders are provisioned and commissioned through CareTel or online with out interface. We have our own and independent provisioning

1 CDRs and DUF
2 Detection of Duplicate files and call

The CareTel software offers more than 150 preset reports along with an adhoc feature offering agility and better control for the output


Subscriber can only view their account information after entering a unique ID and password. Along with that, all the social security numbers and crucial information that can be sensitive is hidden within the interface and not revealed.

Web-based Ordering
Our web based ordering facility entitles customer to send orders across the globe. They can also place their orders after signing Orders can be placed from anywhere in the world via your website following a step by step order wizard.

Workflow is a tool that gives the much coveted streamlining and minimal manual intervention to process the orders on time and with proper accuracy.