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USA: +1.206.441.7760
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CareTel Software - Telecom Billing Services
Your partner in Telecom Billing Realms.
As a postpaid services provider, you may be very well aware of the significance of distinctiveness and value that matters the most for your customers and potential subscribers and we, CareTel, understand this challenge to the hilt. We offer you a turn key solution to meet the demands of billing needs through our CareTel Software.
XML/EDI Provisioning
Independent Local Exchange Carrier or ILEC orders are provisioned and commissioned through CareTel or online with out interface. We have our own and independent provisioning system and do not subscribe to any third party vendor for provisioning. This offers superior provisioning and automation in cost managed way.

The existing provisioning system are aligned with AT&T Midwest, Southeast,West, Qwest (XML),Verizon West and East.

Least Cost Provisioning
Our OSS CareTel defines the minimized costly way to provision a new order based on the company' s rules regarding ordering.

Zero-Touch Orders
Nobody knows business better than our software CareTel. Be it suspension of an account or disconnecting it, your business and its rules come first.

Automatic Billing and Order Completion
Upon the completion of the order, the software system sends the bills and updates them about their status. Just for instance, if an order is set for installation, the system will track the activation date and set the account on active mode-automatically.

Provisioning for Dial up and Long Distance
CareTel offers automated provisioning for dial up and LD calls as well. All the call provisioning services such as activation, suspension and renewal of Dial up service is possible and in automated form.

Endorsed Rating
CDRs and DUF
Detection of Duplicate files and call
Integrated CABs billing solutions