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USA: +1.206.441.7760
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CareTel Software - Telecom Billing Services
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As a postpaid services provider, you may be very well aware of the significance of distinctiveness and value that matters the most for your customers and potential subscribers and we, CareTel, understand this challenge to the hilt. We offer you a turn key solution to meet the demands of billing needs through our CareTel Software.
Your data is copied and stored for four times to ensure a foolproof and consistent security.

Customer proprietary network information (CPNI)
Subscriber can only view their account information after entering a unique ID and password. Along with that, all the social security numbers and crucial information that can be sensitive is hidden within the interface and not revealed. They are informed about the changes and modifications in terms of password changes or account alterations via email.

Protection of Data
The data running between the CareTel browsing window of client application and hosted system is SSL encrypted so that no data can be compromised. The CareTel database are inaccessible via the public Internet services providers providing an extra layer of All data shared between the CareTel Windows client application and the hosted system is encrypted with SSL encryption so that no data may be accessed.

User Log-in Access
User activities are logged and controlled by user group permissions.

Data Center
Our data is collected at state-of-the-art and centralized data center which has redundant power and HVAC (Heat,Ventilation, and Air Conditioning facility) with features of controlled temperature, fire-detection and suppression and humidity controlled environment. This data center is observed 24×7 all year round for any critical activity.

Quadruple Backup
Protecting data takes much of the concern and time of the companies. Losing it can be disastrous for any company. We, at CareTel help you protect data against any hardware problem and human error. CareTel is designed as a shield against full data protection and offers unique multilayer quadruple protection.

1 Mirrored hard drives: It is a kind of secondary database server to access your data and update it whenever its accessed. It gives an extra mile advantage and protection against hardware failure. Just in case, if primary database server or hard drive fails, this mirror hard drive which is exactly a copy of the original is there to rescue and takes over until the primary hard drive is all set to work.

2 Mirrored database servers: This is again, a replicated database server where changes, alterations and modifications of primary data servers are instantly recorded and replicated. It is based on MySQL, an Open Software programming language known for its reliability, compatibility and security.

3 Nightly backups: The data at CareTel is copied according to time zone on the local database server as well to sort out the changes as per day and night schedule.

4 Nightly, off-site data storage: CareTel is partner with the leading names in the realms of network back-up and recovery of software and services which help us to store and encrypt data through secure transport automatically. This allows us to provide data that is completely free from any human error.