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USA: +1.206.441.7760
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CareTel Software - Telecom Billing Services
Your partner in Telecom Billing Realms.
As a postpaid services provider, you may be very well aware of the significance of distinctiveness and value that matters the most for your customers and potential subscribers and we, CareTel, understand this challenge to the hilt. We offer you a turn key solution to meet the demands of billing needs through our CareTel Software.
Your data is copied and stored for four times to ensure a foolproof and consistent security.

Web-based Ordering
Order Wizard
The wizard's first step access the correct geographical zone for the customers and then, offers plans in accordance with that. This helps the customers to select the selective pattern and leave the rest. The order is then processed to the processing manager to verify the details.

This Web Order tool can be configured for payment options as well such as pending payment, without payments and so on.

Instant Quote
This feature provides an instant view to the subscribers and agents of the order and charges, with discounts if any and inclusive of all taxes. It also shows which kind of plan, user has opted and what else he may consider seeing his usage thereafter.
Branded Pages
CareTel offers you simple configuration tools which helps you to 'brandify' the interface pages in line with your website. As the pages of our software are HTML enabled, they upload faster.

Real time Address Validation
You can access the real time address verification when users process the web order process.

TN Selection
Our Web Order Tool processes allow the placement of a new telephone at the time of the placement of order.